Saw this at the zoo yesterday. Nature makes human design look obsolete so easily. Want to delve into

A quick & dirty little mixtape of some dubstep/moombahton tracks I dug up this week.

Fun anti-design flyer I made, august last-year.

started the year with a fresh stash of coffee, a clean inDesign slate and finished most of the layout for Kelvin Fowler’s book within one session. this seems like a good sign for the coming year.

Inspiration while creating the layout of Kelvin Fowler’s new poetry book.

Trying to learn so many new things at once (Max, Indesign, Photoshop, generative design, VW-repair, Canon EOS), my head was full of code & data. Decided to wind down by watching a Jackie Chan movie a friend brought me from Hong Kong.

Working on a flyer for the upcoming poetry tour of Late For Supper.

A lovely small studio setup while working on music for Sietsema Productions.